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11 November 2011 --(EMW)
Centre for Climate Change holds First Ladies Forum featuring world leaders during UNFCCC COP17 Conference
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31 January 2011 -- (MSNBC)
Nigeria-Based Center for Climate Change Makes Plans to Open Office in the U.S. in Efforts to Launch Environmental Studies for UNFCCC (See full article)

8 October 2010 -- (Abribiz)
Nigeria and ECCO2 Join to Stimulate Economy and Reduce Greenhouse Gases (See full article)


Center For Climate Change and Enviromental Studies.

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P.O.Box 19081, Area 10 Garki.
Abuja, Nigeria.

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848 N. Rainbow Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89107
United States of America

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Center for Climate Change and Environmental Studies
Who we are, and what we do.

The centre for climate change and environmental studies, is a non- governmental organisation (NGO) incorporated under the laws of Federal Republic of Nigeria with registration number (CAC/IT/NO 30826). Our aim is to combate climate change and global warming through research project on our environments, tree planting projects and awareness campaign on global warming and to combats deforestation, erosion, drought, emission of Greenhouse gasses, CO2 emission, toxic chemicals from gas flaring due to oil exploration, oil spillage which pollute the water and destroys aquatic life and also takes away the livelihood of the inhabitants and emission of industrial gases like Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which is a very high depleting agent to the Ozone layers that protect the earth from direct radiations of the sun.

Our atmosphere is a layer surrounding the earth held in place by gravity and primarily made up of Nitrogen (78%), Oxygen (21%), with water and other gases making up the remainder. This small remainder is made up of the trace gases Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Neon, Helium, Methane, Hydrogen,Nitrous Oxide and Ozone. Scientists now realise that the proportion of these gases has increased significantly over a few hundred years.

The real increase in carbon dioxide levels in our atmosphere began around the time of the Industrial Revolution. This is when we began to burn fossil fuels (coal) in large quantities to power our steam engines. The 'Greenhouse Gases', Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane have all increased exponentially since the 1800s. Today the use of fossil fuel for power and electricity is thousands of times more than what it was in the 1800s.

Today, as we all know, Climate Change and Global Warming is not a myth but a reality. It is an issue that is adversely affecting the coastal and inland states as well as the temperate and tropical regions of the world, with an issue of such monumental proportion, threatening our collective existence as human beings, leading to loss of lives around the world and leaving billions at high risk.

From our survey, it is a great surprise that most people in our country do not know what climate change and global warming is all about. It is out of this burning issue that the Center for climate change and environmental studies has enbacked on a National Awareness Campaign on climate change and global warming which everyone can do something to reduce the rate of carbon emissions through our daily human activities, ranging from how we run our homes, drive our cars, heat and cool our homes, the way we recycle our products and less dependency on oil and lots more domestic way to reduce our daily carbon emissions.

In most African countries and Nigeria in particular, farming depends entirely on the quality of the rainy season, a situation that makes Africa particularly vulnerable to climate change which has a devastating impacts in agriculture, health and water sectors among others, the poor people are at the receiving end because they have little or no alternatives.

The centre is therefore, calling on everyone, The Politicians,Federal,Local and State Government,Government Agencies and parastatals,University Administrators and the private organisations to support the awareness campaign, tree planting projects, environmental research project on toxic gasses, pathogenic agents and environmental health pollutants to combat climate change and global warming for the safety of the earth and our future generations.

"There is still time to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, if we take strong action now."

Dr. Aminu Zakari.

Executive Director: Center For Climate Change & Environmental Studies.

Cary Lee Peterson
Managing Director, Center For Climate Change & Environmental Studies. (Americas)